Little known fact about myself, I have always been fascinated by strangers. Maybe it's creepy or weird haha but when I see people I can't help but formulate imaginary questionnaires intended for them. I am not really afraid of them. The whole Never talk to strangers! mantra wasn't very institutional in my household. In fact, I think it was the opposite. Seeing as I am an only child, it was quite the norm for me to associate with friends of my parents or at least people they seemed to know/meet. I know this post seems pretty random, but I've just been thinking about it lately. I know that while I may have been raised to gravitate towards random people, most others have not. It makes me think again to the other common American mantra that You can be anything you want to be! To me this one says that you can theoretically create yourself, and in that statement alone it seems that you need no help in doing so. So what really are we teaching society? Kids grow up with trust issues and a mindset that they have to figure it all out on their own. Maybe this seems a bit dramatic, but just look around you.. divorce rates are insane, and rape is common. I guess all of this goes to say, choose your words wisely. Just because a phrase or saying has been said for years, doesn't mean its actually true. Imagine if our society were more like one big community? I don't know how socialist this sounds, but I'm coming more from a relational perspective rather than a political one. Imagine if people were more reliable rather than independent. Imagine if my agenda and your agenda was our agenda. I'm all for people being more collective and united than alone and divided haha. Ok I think I'm done rambling for today. Go invite a group of strangers to lunch, and really listen to what they have to say. You may be pleasantly surprised :]

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