An orange colored day.



I could quite literally lay in bed alllll dayyyy today. I'm exhausted! After work, I came home and took a nap, woke up and made lunch, and then I put on a movie. I could probably go back to sleep right now (Seeing as I'm laying in my bed to type this post). However, school is breathing down my neck :[ I cannot wait till its over! This summer is sure to be full of fun and surprises. I'm flying out to LA for a week to see my good ol' friend Gracie. I miss her loads! Not much other than that going on around here. Pray I make it through these next few weeks.. I know I will most definitely sleep great after they are over!

P.S. It doesn't hurt that I get to cuddle this little nugget :]

(This is my baby girl, her name is Meowy!)



Kinda crappy + it's still healing.
Also, I chickened out before we could get to the ribs.. so there is still more work to be done.
But I love it :] The pictures look kind of weird... but it's positioned on the right side of my abdomen. It's cuneiform and it says:
"Now that I have seen, I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead."




I'm getting in on the bicycle excitement too! As of last night, I feel about 77% more confident about riding my bike around Houston. I have a 2008 Specialized Centrum that I got around December or January. I rode it once to work and got followed home and called some pretty disgusting things. Needless to say, my first bike ride gave me a bit of shell shock. My pretty little girl has been dusting in the apartment. However, last night my friend Makenzie and I went on a lovely bike ride all over town. It was around 1 in the morning haha and there were almost no cars on the road. I had so much fun that I plan on riding my bike again later today.
(This is the model I have, however I have added fenders and white walls to mine to make it look more old school)
Anyways, enjoy some cute bikes from We Heart It. Also, don't be afraid to get out there and ride! Take it from me :]
Uber fab!

I will always have a thing for orange!
Tres chic! Swoon swoon!
Check out this two-tone baby! Clever and cute!
This one is sooopa retro! I love it.




Gosh since I was in Jr. High I have wanted one! And this week.. my waiting will finally pay off! I don't have a really good picture to post on here of what I'm getting, but I am soooooo stoaked!! Yay! I think I'll just post cool ones I found from We Heart It.

I think these are tights, but they would make some pretty sweet tats. Especially paired with some Louboutins like those hah.
I have always loved anything to do with bones! This one is great!

I also really love deer, ahh it looks neat!
Yay bird!
This one is tacky and cheesy, but I must admit.. I kind of love it lol.
Anyways, I'll post pics of mine when it is complete :] Eeeeek!



I am thoroughly awake. I tried to make Z's a few hours ago, but it was no use.. I'm up, and after watching Julie and Julia, I felt like leaving a post (not like anyone reads this thing lol). Anyways, I really didn't think I was going to like the movie, but it is absolutely adorable and has put me in a good mood. I feel creative, in part due to the recent rain. I can't decide whether to read, knit, or go for a walk. Either way, I don't think I'll be going back to sleep anytime soon. The other part of my creative conscious is awake due largely to the fact that I went to the gem and mineral show yesterday and man did I score big! It was very nostalgic being there. As the French would say, tres nostalgique! While I thumbed the countless rows of garnet, pearls, turquoise, and other various stones from around the globe, I thought of my grandmother. When I was little, I remember her having a booth at the same show. She used to intricately carve these wonderful eggs and encrust them with beads and stones. It sounds weird trying to describe them. She was so talented! She made a kaleidoscope of of one egg, and beaded the outside of the entire thing! It's at my moms place, but maybe someday I'll take some really cool pictures of it. She made a music box out of another. It had hinges along it and would open up to display minuscule figurine dancers. I can't remember where that one ended up, hopefully it hasn't gone too far. Anyways, I used to love staring at them, among the various other eggs she designed. I am ever so thankful of this unique legacy she left. It is not much, but it truly is dear to my heart. She died when I was around five or six, so I did not know her well. But I remember her shop in the back of the house where my mom grew up. My cousins and I were always aloud to play with the beads she had in plastic drawers. It was kind of magical. It really is funny how you forget sometimes.. and then with something so simple, you are flooded with memories. My grandfather used to keep a can crusher on the side of their garage. There was an old stone bird bath in their back yard. I remember the garden they once had, always overgrown with weeds. I remember how the planes would fly over so often. I remember the giant sunflowers that would grow in the empty lot next door. I remember the smell of their old run down house, and how its vast treasures nurtured my adventurous side. I remember. It is the simple and delicate recollections like these that remind my soul how to glow. In the mean time, I'm going to cook myself some cheesy eggs, brew a pot of coffee, turn on some jazz, and cherish the heart of the moment while I decide on another creative outlet to channel good feelings.

P.S. The picture above really makes me want to find my knee socks and put them on for no particular reason :]





Life is never really easy, most of the time it about making difficult decisions.
I know we never really think of it in this context, but Jesus had to make a decision about his life in terms of his plan for us. This inturn means that by modeling our lives after his, our decisions should always be about following through with his plan for the kingdom, and his individual plan for our lives.
I am in no way, shape, or form one who does this with ease or without hesitation. Usually I am stubborn and assume that "I can handle it all by myself." We were never supposed to handle anything all by ourselves. Christ certainly didn't. In the final hours of his decision making, Simon from Cyrene helped Christ carry his cross.

If ever you feel alone and scared in the face of what may be a difficult decision, I promise you, you are not. God always provides and always conquers, even when you think he has abandoned you.



Writing (for recreational purposes).

I love writing letters, but I have no energy anymore.
I love taking notes by hand, but I have gotten so used to taking them on my phone.
I love writing crappy poetry.
I love pretending that someday I will write a fictional novel based on non-fiction.
I love writing little songs here and there, although they never really make sense or pertain to anything.

For now, the part of my brain that does all of those things is locked in a cage.
Parenthetical documentation, you are kind of dead to me right now.


I would like to read all of the classics and some philosophy.
Maybe I will move to the wilderness and read and write and make art and live off of the land.
I wish Thoreau was still alive so we could hang out and be nature people...okay so maybe not entirely... but maybe we could meet up once a month to build campfires and read to each other.

I really would like a change of view, living in this city literally means driving in circles. You get so familiar with the streets that even though you are applying mascara, you know exactly where to swerve to miss that pot hole on West Alabama.



My heart is where you are..
We met when I was 16, and I've dreamed of you ever since.

Maybe someday we'll cohabitate..

And you can show me how to be an ecclectic independent woman..
Or not...but maybe you could find me a sweet man..

Either way, I know I'll be happy where you are :]