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Why you gotta do me like that girl?

This post will purely be a rant of all of the things I am mad at relating to school. Therefore, consider yourself warned.

-I hate when professors don't really go by the syllabus.
-I hate when professors read off of the PowerPoint.
-I hate when professors are sick forever and decide to change everything.
-I hate freaking out about applying to college and the whole admissions process in general.
-I hate complaining about all of it, but when I put it into words it makes it seem smaller than it is.
-I hate wondering whether or not I'm going to get into the school I want, let alone a good school.
-I hate not receiving feedback for work, especially written work.
-I hate how insecure of a writer I am.
-I hate stupid mistakes and I hate over thinking things.
-I hate that I am just now trying to plan my SAT taking stuff.
-I hate stress.

I do, I really do.


I really wish he wasn't trying to do the whole Bono thing, I think his voice is much cooler than that. However I find myself constantly singing this song. Wish they had a music vid for it, I think they could make something cool out of it. The live performance is nice.

I couldn't find an original vid for this one either, I don't think there is one. This version is great though, real great. :]

Both of these are cheesy but oh so catchy and adorable. I like songs that have a gentle shuffle to them.



Hues of emerald :]

All of these are images I heart!



Soo I have a rather massive Geology test today. I am super stoaked :[ Let me just throw some words out there for you..

Siliciclastic.. Metasomatism.. Pluton.. Hydrothermal Metamorphism.. Lithostatic..

I feel like the class should come with its own dictionary haha. All of these are in one test, and there are plenty more where they came from. I feel like even though it is Wednesday, once I finish this test, Spring Break will officially begin! Not that I have plans of the most superior quallity or anything, but it will be nice to lay around the house in my jammies or go nap in the park (hopefully not in my jammies). Oh and it would be nice to get some reading done. My church is working through the The Augustine Confessions, and I've also decided to re-read Discipling Nations. Both of which are absolutly amazing, and I relish the time I get to spend analyzing them. Hopefully a photoventure will be in store for Spring Break also. I never posted pics from the last one (frankly because there were too many!). But I should probably get a move on. I really need to ace this one sooo enjoy your day wherever and however you choose to spend it!


Original Photo Credit - Dardilrocks




Hopefully overtime as I do more research and aquire more favorites, I will have more artists showcases posted here. For now, I'll just start with a few of my all time favorites and works of theirs which I adore.

There isn't much info on Frantisek offered on the web. There was an anthology of his work published not long ago, but its rather pricey. Last semester I was actually able to view a copy of it through the HMFA library. I am flabbergasted with his talent. If I ever become wealthy enough to collect art, one of his pieces would be first on my list. I wouldn't say that he is super well know, but the art community definitly recognizes and respects his achievemnts. A piece of his, that is one of my favorites, hangs in the HMFA in the company of giants. Renoir's and Van Gogh's call Mr. Kupka neighbor.

The Yellow Scale 1907
Oil on Canvas
Art Institute of Chicago

Part of the Orphist Composition
Planes by Colors 1909-10
Oil on canvas
Mme Kupka Among Verticles 1910-11
Oil on canvas
(By far one of my most favorites)
Study for the Language of Verticals