The plan of man

This morning I got up to open at work. For those of you that do not frequent Starbucks at the wee hours in the morning, we open at 5:30 am on weekdays. I am not a morning person. Therefore, for me to be somewhat cognisant this early, I have to get up and completely get ready like 40 minutes before. My typical routine is as such: wake up, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, hop on the computer and check e-mail for the majority of this time, get dressed, paint my face on, look for my shoes, grab a granola, and jot down the stairs. Today went a bit differntly. I felt rather than waste my time on the computer, I would open up the word. I thought where do I start, my bible is a bit dusty to be honest. I heard Isaiah. I thought alright I like Isaiah that works. Chapter 8. Ok good enough. Verse 5. This was the most specific instruction God had given me. None of it included my usual plan, just heard something and went with it. Simple enough. So I reached for my copy of the message only to realize that I only had the New Testament in a hard copy. Haha I laughed to myself and looked up at the ceiling and laughed. My NLT was sitting on my dashboard, so I hopped on bible gateway.. expecting to read some random verse.

"Then the LORD spoke to me again." - Isaiah 8:5

I sat there frozen, shaking, crying. Of all the books in the bible, all the chapters in Isaiah, and all the verses in 8. He chose this to remind me that he is not some wise uncle millions of miles away. Also I feel to remind me that our plans hinder us from the simple act of obediance. We were not sent to this world to make a name for ourselves. We should be as invisible as possible. Think about it.. how great is man in comparison to God?