Stuck in Procrastination Station.. Choo Choo

So I decided to make a wish list of sorts..

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We're putting up this partition in my apartment and I love love love this Graham and Brown wallpaper!

It comes in black and white, and you can actually paint on it!!

I am an Anthro maniac, and this dress looks like a perfect transitional piece. Yum!

Now this is a bargain that I've been wanting for awhile.. this site is great, it has tons of cool surplus military gear..i.e. bags, sweater, hats, and such, for close to nothing!

Click the image to take you to their homepage.

This is another I've had on my mental wishlist for awhile, but have been way to broke to even consider purchasing it haha.


Also I know I'm a bit late in the game for this one, but this one needs to enter into my lonely DVD collection. Its one of those I could watch over and over and over and over. I already have The Darjeeling Limited.. which has been a favorite since its release.. but I've made a point to go back and watch all Wes Anderson's work. So the Tenenbaums have made friends with my soul.

Anyways, I thinks that's enough wishing. As a friendly reminder, my birthday is March 16 haha.



Ok so I know this is super gross, but this is how I've felt lately.. like raw sewage. My allergies have gone haywire! Its terrible when I'm at work and we're busy, I have to apologize to the customer, run to the back and blow my nose, wash my hands, and then run back like every 15 minutes. Ahhh! On top of that, this has got to be the weekend that never ends! Sooo for the first day of school, I got 3 Composition assignments due next week, and 2 Geology assignments. What are these people thinking?! I thought the first day was supposed to be all, "Hey I'm Miriam from Kentucky and I like ponies and fried chicken!" Guess again. I guess I had it easy last semester. Too bad college isn't like first grade anymore. Mrs. McCully where are you? I wish we could still pretend your crayon lamp was a campfire and sit on the classroom floor with the lights off swapping scary stories. And don't even get me started on my Algebra proffesor :[ Bless his little heart, I can barely understand a word he says. Lets just say its obvious why he doesn't teach English. But I can get through this. I've already started planning for my Comp midterms.. sure to be intense. But I guess that's just the 4.0 in me. I got it last semester and it gave me the school fever, which has forced me to make lists gallore and brainstorm until it hurts. I think that's all for now, I better get back to my report on plagiarism :[ cute.
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Spring Semester 2010

Sooo waking up with your eyes glues together on top of having a massive case of either strepp, bronchitis, or laringitis sure is a great way to start off the new school year. I did have the flu during finals for the fall.. so maybe on some twisted level its only fitting. Either way though, I'm quite excited to get back to the grind. Even in college I really look forward to the first day. And I kind of get double the pleasure that I have two of them per year :) Needless to say I am definitly losing my slacker mentallity, as the true nerd in me has persisted her way to the forefront of the class. I'll probably post more later with how my professors are. Oh, and I can't forget all the neat school supplies I got yesterday (Well nothing too fancy, just some notebooks that could use a little updating. Who knows, maybe I'll make a DIY post out of it). With that said, I'm off to pick out a decent outfit (I've decided sweats are for people who really don't care), have a hearty breakfast, and scour the campus for parking.


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I've been wanting to write one of these for a long time..

.. and I left some space so that as I grow, it can too.
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Identify Yourself

What is our fascination with identity? Is it one of the major things we need to justify ourselves before we begin to try and relate to others? These are some heavy hitting questions I've battled with for maybe a couple years, and although I don't have a definite answer.. I've learned to identify (cheesy I know) one that seems suitable.. for me at least. First and foremost.. what makes up our identity? Overall, I've decided that we need not be defined. Our fascination seems to occur most with those who have embraced this, which is why I believe that by trying to define ourselves, we hinder true social and intrapersonal growth. Basically we sell ourselves short of who we are. So how do we do this? I believe that we must accept that even though we do have an identity, it cannot be classified and is an ever changing and evolving element to who we are as people. Once we really focus on embracing this, we forget about all the lines we drew withing ourselves and henceforth begin to love ourselves not for what we think we've created.. but for what we actually are. Its taken quite awhile to come to this conclusion and life philosophy. It started for me when I really began to disslike labels, particularly in middle school. I was neither a prep nor a goth.. but I had friends in both groups. Therefore unbenounced to others.. I gave myself the term 'floater.' What's so bad about being a floater? Nothing really, until I realized that I used it to make myself different from others. I used it to differentiate everything I thought I was from everyone else. I took that one little word to an extreme. This probably doesn't happen with everyone.. but I feel that it definitly does happen. More so with words we think are positive. When you were little, odds are that you did some sort of anagram where your name stood for words that describe you. That's where it starts. We are taught to describe ourselves, create ourselves, define ourselves, but by what? Our personallities? Our material possesions? Our friends? Our morals? Our values? And the worst part about this whole system is that we use it not just on ourselves, but our peers as well.

"That girl is too nice, she must be a goody two shoes."
"Her purse cost a ton of money, she must be stuck up."

We use a rule against ourselves and others that has almost no universal properties when based on things that the world has birthed. The system can be fixed when we forget about looking at ourselves and developing our bodies, minds, wardrobes, wallets, and start to look with eyes that see from a larger perspective. Let me ask you something.. was love created by the world? By people? By earth?

No, love was created by God. Love is the ONLY universal truth that anyone should look at anything with. Oddly enough in its own kind of twisted way the one way to define the undefinable is by applying this universal undefiable truth to it. Ok I know all of this looks like gibberish.. but if we can agree that our identities are undefinable and everchanging.. and love is also undefinable and everchanging.. there lies a definite and almost undenyable corralation.

So therefore.. when anyone asks who you are, what you're about, where you fit in or the car you drive.. you need not respond with a plethora of fancy words that you think can capture your 'essence' all it takes is one word, love.