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Unfortunatly, the harddrive to my computer is broken. I'm currently using my dads, which is probably why I haven't posted in awhile. I miss all my pictures and music and everything. Its ridiculous how attatched people get to technology. I had to write a paper on it recently for my English class. I personally think that for those who know how to utilize what it has to offer, it is more beneficial than harmless.. but still, we get pretty attatched. This should be more like it..

I also recently lost my car keys during a run through one of the more wooded parks in Houston. Quite a treck it was to back track another 2-3 miles aimlessly searching for the darn things only to come up empty handed. Today I found out that my key has a microchip in it, and to replace the key alone sin remote would be around 200 clams. I might as well just have my paychecks made out to the trash can. That seems a bit more probable.

Yesterday was valentine's day (I left it un-capitalized on purpose. Its a "rhetorical trope" to deconstruct the language. Obviously my English class is paying off haha). I've never really looked forward to it much, I don't dislike it.. however I think once you stop throwing parties for it in grade school, there's no use for it anymore. Anyways, my friend Makenzie and I went to the park for a bit, to church, and then out to eat at this great hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. I'm pretty sure everyone there thought we were a couple hahaha. That's probably the most I've really 'celebrated' since 5th grade. After that I went home, cuddled with Meowy, and fell asleep with the Tenenbaums. Overall it was nice haha.


I also had Funky Formal for Wyldlife (Jr. High version of Younglife) this weekend. My dress last year was pretty great, but this year I found an even better hot little number probably owned by someone's grandmother in the early 80s (excuse the grammar). Complete with outrageous geometric purple and green patterns, a ridiculous smocked waistband, and snazzy shoulderpads, I could do no wrong. I got ready with the girls and we had a sleepover afterwards. Who doesn't love good ol' 80s dress up, dancing, and sleepovers with cheesy ice skater movies. If you're looking for a good laugh, try renting Ice Castles :] haha. Who knew blind people could ice skate so well?

Just felt like leaving a few blurbs, that is all.


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I approve of this post :)