Stuck in Procrastination Station.. Choo Choo

So I decided to make a wish list of sorts..

Original Photo Credit - alexia brown

We're putting up this partition in my apartment and I love love love this Graham and Brown wallpaper!

It comes in black and white, and you can actually paint on it!!

I am an Anthro maniac, and this dress looks like a perfect transitional piece. Yum!

Now this is a bargain that I've been wanting for awhile.. this site is great, it has tons of cool surplus military gear..i.e. bags, sweater, hats, and such, for close to nothing!

Click the image to take you to their homepage.

This is another I've had on my mental wishlist for awhile, but have been way to broke to even consider purchasing it haha.


Also I know I'm a bit late in the game for this one, but this one needs to enter into my lonely DVD collection. Its one of those I could watch over and over and over and over. I already have The Darjeeling Limited.. which has been a favorite since its release.. but I've made a point to go back and watch all Wes Anderson's work. So the Tenenbaums have made friends with my soul.

Anyways, I thinks that's enough wishing. As a friendly reminder, my birthday is March 16 haha.


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Makenzie said...

Oh my god I love you.