Ok so I know this is super gross, but this is how I've felt lately.. like raw sewage. My allergies have gone haywire! Its terrible when I'm at work and we're busy, I have to apologize to the customer, run to the back and blow my nose, wash my hands, and then run back like every 15 minutes. Ahhh! On top of that, this has got to be the weekend that never ends! Sooo for the first day of school, I got 3 Composition assignments due next week, and 2 Geology assignments. What are these people thinking?! I thought the first day was supposed to be all, "Hey I'm Miriam from Kentucky and I like ponies and fried chicken!" Guess again. I guess I had it easy last semester. Too bad college isn't like first grade anymore. Mrs. McCully where are you? I wish we could still pretend your crayon lamp was a campfire and sit on the classroom floor with the lights off swapping scary stories. And don't even get me started on my Algebra proffesor :[ Bless his little heart, I can barely understand a word he says. Lets just say its obvious why he doesn't teach English. But I can get through this. I've already started planning for my Comp midterms.. sure to be intense. But I guess that's just the 4.0 in me. I got it last semester and it gave me the school fever, which has forced me to make lists gallore and brainstorm until it hurts. I think that's all for now, I better get back to my report on plagiarism :[ cute.
In the headphones: Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Oringinal Photo Credit - Stuck in Customs


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