Spring Semester 2010

Sooo waking up with your eyes glues together on top of having a massive case of either strepp, bronchitis, or laringitis sure is a great way to start off the new school year. I did have the flu during finals for the fall.. so maybe on some twisted level its only fitting. Either way though, I'm quite excited to get back to the grind. Even in college I really look forward to the first day. And I kind of get double the pleasure that I have two of them per year :) Needless to say I am definitly losing my slacker mentallity, as the true nerd in me has persisted her way to the forefront of the class. I'll probably post more later with how my professors are. Oh, and I can't forget all the neat school supplies I got yesterday (Well nothing too fancy, just some notebooks that could use a little updating. Who knows, maybe I'll make a DIY post out of it). With that said, I'm off to pick out a decent outfit (I've decided sweats are for people who really don't care), have a hearty breakfast, and scour the campus for parking.


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Makenzie said...

Person! Have a super great spring semester!! And a fab first day of school!