After dusting in my apartment for over a few months, I finally took my little girl on a nice evening stroll in this perfection that is fall weather. I actually don't live too far from Brasil so I rode straight on Alabama. I'm finding that it one of the safer streets from my place, and at night there is little traffic. This was my first ride to actually chain Bikey up and leave her, so as any parent would be, I was a little nervous and had a few glances over my shoulder before I finally walked away. A good tip my dad taught me is to take off all the lights that could be easily removed before leaving your bike. I use knogs on my bike so obviously someone could jack them without hesitation. Thankfully when I finished up she was still there so I put my lights back on and headed home. Fall is my most favorite time of year and I think this was a super lovely way to Christen its arrival. I know I've said before that I'm getting over my fear of tackling the Houston streets so this is a process, one in which I look forward to each time I go out. I'm feeling like Critical Mass needs to be one of the next things on my biking to do list. Anyone down to hang with a rookie rider?
P.S. This is my girl :]


Makenzie said...

"...This was my first ride to actually chain Bikey up and leave her...."
That makes me sad. How long have you had your bike??

Hilary said...

Almost a year haha. It is kind of sad. Like I actually used my bike hahaha. Ohh man. Let's not think too much on this any longer. I need to use my brain for other things.