..TO COFFEE! It's true, I know just about every coffee shop in Houston seeing as my apartment isn't really equipped with an office type set up. And let's face it.. how would I get work done anyways. Sooo now that it is officially fall, I would like to share some of my favorite caffinated beverages with you! (Told you I had something brewing har har..)

The Doppio is two shots of espresso. I don't get it as often as most drinks, but it adds an extra pick me up when I need it.. without weighing me down.

Black coffee is pretty much my everyday drink. Most people don't like the taste of it without sugar or milk, but it tastes great to me. Personally sugar and milk make it fake tasting to me.

The dry not fat cappucino just means that this particular type of cappucino consists of mostly foam. It is super creamy and delicious and probably has less calories than normal drinks A) because it is non fat and B) because it is mostly air lol.

Ahhh my good friend, the soy pumkin spice latte with toffee nut. This is a drink I created while working at Starbucks. It is my seasonal 'little fat girl' beverage. It is super yummy and tastes like grahm crackers. I get mine without whipped cream and with two pumps of toffee nut. Mmmm! It's actually really great iced too!

Last but certainly not least is Vietnamese iced coffee. I love this drink!! It consists of slow brewed dark chicory coffee on top of sweetened condensed milk. Once the whole mixture is done, you add it to a cup of ice. It tastes sooo sooo good, and actually is pretty reasonable to create on your own! Found this kit online for pretty cheap! Once I start making some more monies, it's on my list.

Well there you have it, a few of my favorite coffee drinks! Now don't be afraid to get out and start brewing your own!


Sawah said...

mmmmm....vietnamese. soooo gooood! love it.
what are your favourite coffee shops? i'm looking for good study places. slash places to get good coffee. slash breakfast food. because i love breakfast food.
let's hang out sometime!

Hilary said...

Haha, I agree! Okay.. favorite coffee shops in no particular order:
Antidote - Love this place a lot, usually there a few times a week. I don't think they have real breakfast food, but they have like yogurt and granola that's really good.
Agora - I like Agora best in the mornings, it's a really cool quirky place. They have pastries too.
Waldo's - This place is super great if you need a big table to spread all your crap out haha. It's usually pretty quiet too, seeing as most of the people I've seen in there are usually doing work. Waldo's also has great vietnamese because they let you brew it yourself with the little mechanism.
Brasil - I wouldn't rate Brasil as the best study shop unless you go outside in the morning and bring some headphones. But, they do have a decent breakfast i.e. eggs n stuff.
Dunn Bros - this place is apparently a corporate coffee shop, but I like it. Again, usually quiet because most people I see in there are studying/working.
Kraftsman Bakery - this is more a lunch spot than a coffee shop, but its tucked away so it feels nice to get some work done. They serve coffee drinks which are okay, but I go for the atmosphere. Its a good lunch/study place.
Taft - for the obvious reasons.
Catalina - You may have heard of it, it's cute but fairly small and the past 2 times I went there..there were no outlets! Which reminds me.. Antidote has a TON of outlets.

Ok I think that's it for now haha. But yes we should hang out!

Makenzie said...

Antidote wins hands down. Also, I really really like brasil.

Sawah said...

i've never heard of antidote. i'll have to check it out! waldo's is the other one i haven't heard of.
brasil does have good breakfast. we went there for one of our meetings with jenni and jason.
i just went to catalina for the first time yesterday! it's super close to my house, so i might go there fairly often. and the baristas who were working were ones that used to work at taft. :)