Got my lunch pack packed and my boots tied tight, hope I don't get in a fight ohhhhh back to school. I may not be Billy Maddison, but I'll post deets about my classes so far later today.. so if anyone reads this thing consistantly then stay tuned (or not).
School Rant 2010.2:
Pages of reading I have had to complete before today - 30 pages from my history textbook + 20 pages of Plato = 50 pages = many hours.
Pages of reading I have to do by September 9 (Next Thursday) - 325 pages of Jane Eyre. I'm pretty sure my brain just might explode. Also come to find out every test for every class I have this semester is an essay test. Hooray!
On a postitive note, I recieved one of my letters of recommendation and it was super awesome, in fact I almost teared up a little haha. I have that same professor again this semester so my hope is that I wont let her down.
Anyways with all of this said, I'm going to have NO social life whatsoever. But I am considering throwing homework parties at my apartment so everyone can come hang and get some work done. Ok that's all for now.. back to the books.. literally.

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