This is just a list of thing I like to keep my eye peeled for when I trove for treasures. Some of these items I have too many of, others I have yet to discover :]

[Mid-Century Pieces]
It's hard to call these babies antiques because they still look as fresh as ever. They truly are classics.

[The Trunk]
A good trunk is hard to find also, mainly because those selling them recognize how priceless they truly are. However if you find a large enough one, these can make for a great coffee table or side table.

[Vintage National Geographics]
These are what I was talking about when I said 'have too many of.' I just can't help it! I love the old ads and pictures, not to mention that signiature yellow looks fab on shelves! I recently got some for super cheap.. 18 for $2! This averages out to around 11 cents a pop. I've seen antique stores sell these babies for around $2+ so I would recommend shopping around for them.

[Old Books]
I am also a sucker for old books! No matter what its about, if it has a great cover and was published before 1950.. I go weak in the knees. Of course its a rather shallow obsession.. but if you like to decorate as I do then you understand that you can get some great ones for rather cheap as well.

[China, Dishes, and Tea Cups]
I really admire my moms collection of blue and whites. Good sets of china are difficult to find as well. Most are not fully intact and if they are, there are bound to be chips. Plus aquiring quality pieces will cost you a pretty penny.

I have yet to find a good set of old notions I can't live without.. but I can't wait to start looking for one!

So there you have it. What do you want to collect?


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