when you want something so much that it hurts. That it scares you to death. That the thought of it makes you feel excited and alive. That you are so close you can taste it. That it makes you dream of not only who you will become, but what it will make of your life here and now and in this moment.

I'm really praying to get into the college in Cairo. As I'm writing my essay I find myself getting a bit teary-eyed. To be honest I don't think I've ever wanted something so much as this in my life. I have big dreams and a big heart to learn and love and be, and with that said I feel like this could be an experience of a lifetime. I feel vulnerable because I want to make sure that in 500 words or less I gut myself on this paper so that those who will be evaluating me cannot say no. All of this is really strange, and the day I send my application in I will probably have to take off because I'm sure the stress just might be too much for me to handle.

I want to eat koshary in the streets of Cairo and be minutes away from the largest museum of Eqyptian antiquities in the world. I want to study and be immersed in thought. Ughhhh I just get so excited! I know it seems I'm only looking at the fun side of this, but the truth is.. if I get accepted and enroll, this just might be the hardest thing I have ever had to face. Obviously Egyptian culture is vastly different from our way of life here in America, and in particular Texas. Like I said, I am excited.. but I am scared to death. Please pray for this, that my essay is complete and that those reading it as well as the rest of my application feel as confident as I do. Hey world are you ready to jump? I am..



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Hilary said...

Immma try my darndest!

Sawah said...

praying for you, hilary!!!

Hilary said...

Thanks Sarah :]