Joy is eternal.

Don't gain your strength from people, people are always changing. . the world is always changing. Never let it give you your name or define who you are.

Remember remember remember, and love love love.

Be honest and open, when you lie to others it makes it that much easier to lie to yourself.

Smile because you can't help it, not because you have to.

Do not simply walk with determination or even speak with determination. Live with it.

Our need to explain and understand the internal only points to something external.

I say these things not to judge or pull anyone down. I say them to myself and I'd say them to each of you personally. Be intentional.
(As I'm writing these down, or I guess typing, I'm sitting in a local coffee shop in Houston called Agora. I reached down to take a sip of my iced coffee and looked up to see framed bio of Socrates haha. I promise I didn't choose this seat on purpose, I was just looking for a wall outlet! Also by no means am I calling myself Socrates haha, I just thought it was funny.)


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