Life is never really easy, most of the time it about making difficult decisions.
I know we never really think of it in this context, but Jesus had to make a decision about his life in terms of his plan for us. This inturn means that by modeling our lives after his, our decisions should always be about following through with his plan for the kingdom, and his individual plan for our lives.
I am in no way, shape, or form one who does this with ease or without hesitation. Usually I am stubborn and assume that "I can handle it all by myself." We were never supposed to handle anything all by ourselves. Christ certainly didn't. In the final hours of his decision making, Simon from Cyrene helped Christ carry his cross.

If ever you feel alone and scared in the face of what may be a difficult decision, I promise you, you are not. God always provides and always conquers, even when you think he has abandoned you.

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