Why you gotta do me like that girl?

This post will purely be a rant of all of the things I am mad at relating to school. Therefore, consider yourself warned.

-I hate when professors don't really go by the syllabus.
-I hate when professors read off of the PowerPoint.
-I hate when professors are sick forever and decide to change everything.
-I hate freaking out about applying to college and the whole admissions process in general.
-I hate complaining about all of it, but when I put it into words it makes it seem smaller than it is.
-I hate wondering whether or not I'm going to get into the school I want, let alone a good school.
-I hate not receiving feedback for work, especially written work.
-I hate how insecure of a writer I am.
-I hate stupid mistakes and I hate over thinking things.
-I hate that I am just now trying to plan my SAT taking stuff.
-I hate stress.

I do, I really do.

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