With one day down, I am already starting to feel so connected to this island. Before we left, Leslie quoted Lucia:

Lucia: "I have trouble falling asleep on planes."
Leslie: "Not me, I could fall asleep before we take off."
Lucia: "Are you serious? That's crazy. I could never do that."

When we arrived, we went and had lunch with Steve and Lillie (The missions elders from Ecclesia) and of course Alison and Naseem. Arriving at the orphanage, we met Tonya. She seems to be in charge of things here and I can already tell that I'm really going to love sharing life with her. We have already had more interaction with the children than expected and all feel that we will be growing so much with them. But this journey will be extremely difficult. With so much of us being poured into the kids every single day we are expecting to experience some tattered edges here along the way. I strongly pray that we can be diligent during our off time and hunger for a stronger relationship with the father. I pray and encourage our hardships here that they may be catalysts to better serve the Lord and better hunger for his kingdom here in Roatan. I look forward to supporting these children through prayer, love, and example and in turn watching them grow and learn as these days continue. Day 1 has been far greater than I could've imagined. Please pray for strength and patience.

Also: Tonya, Shenice, Brad, Gabriel, and the rest of the staff and residence here.



dd said...

You go, Girls!!!

Matt Davis said...

It warms my heart to see Lucia asleep on the plane. Haha. Oh, and, like, whatever, it warms my heart too that you young ladies are pouring so much of yourselves out for the sake of the Kingdom to see the world redeemed and restored by the power of the One True God. Yadda yadda. :)

So looking forward to your posts, Hil. I pray wisdom and encouragement upon you in the name of our Liberating King.