I have officially been accepted into The American University in Cairo!! As you can imagine I am quite overjoyed, however, I am also quite overwhelmed. Spring classes begin January 30.. roughly 3 months from now. I amslowly acquiring new lists and tid bits of info that I need for preparation. Hopefully I will get everything in order and on time. I keep hearing pretty great things about the school so that makes me even more excited! In actuallity, however, it has yet to set in that I will be living in Egypt, assimilating, learning, growing, experiencing hardships, and hopefully making the best of them. I find myself limiting how much I'm allowed to be afraid. This does not mean that I am being dishonest with myself, I'm aware that there are serious risks that may come with this decision. I anticipate great change, and I have no idea what that looks like. I think that may be the part of my thoughts that scares me the most. I really cannot fathom this experience, but I feel it pulling me in even more. So with that said, I must go.

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Soffee said...

hils. please blog when you get the chance. I want to hear that you're okay and what's going on. <3 -Sof